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Classifications are used just like handicaps to monitor and improve your shooting.

You may have noticed that some Archers have a number of badges on their quivers. If you look closely enough you’ll undoubtedly found a classification badge lurking there somewhere.

(It is important to know that although you may shoot a really good score that may reduce your current handicap it will not necessarily affect your classification)




Archery is perhaps one of the most inclusive sports there is, all Archers regardless of age, gender or disability are all able to compete with one another on a level playing field. So even if you are new to the sport you could find yourself on the shooting line beating far more experienced archers.


Learning to calculate your own handicap is an important skill that all archers should master as it is how we keep track of our progress.



If you would like to print out your own blank scoresheets, please click the image below.




There are several types of awards & badges you can earn in archery.

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