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the 252 challenge

Have you ever lined up for a tournament and looked around at the other Archers and felt a little intimidated? Or wondered whether you can now shoot longer distances accurately?


Well the 252 scheme is for you! It’s designed to help you practice your shooting at different distances.

  • You get 6 sighter arrows

  • You shoot 3 dozen arrows (36 arrows in total) on a 122cm face at your chosen distance.

  • You score the round using the 5 zone scoring method (so 9 for a gold, 7 for a red etc)

The aim of the round is to get a score of 252 or better (there are adjusted target scores for longbowmen and barebows – see table below) – keep in mind that the maximum score for 36 arrows when using 5 zone scoring is 324, so 252 is quite a challenge!

We all know that there is a large mental aspect to Archery, so if you can line up for a tournament knowing that you can score 252 at a chosen distance then you should be able to feel confident in your ability to shoot a good round regardless of how much experience you have.

The round can be shot at the following distances: - 

  • 20 yds, 30 yds, 40 yds, 50yds, 60 yds, 80yds & 100yds.

  • The three dozen arrows may be shot alone or as any consecutive three dozen arrows of a longer imperial round.

For each round that you get a score of 252 or better you can claim a badge that you can proudly display on your quiver. Badges cost £2.50 and can be claimed down at the club. Just ask one of the coaches.

252 Chart.jpg

The table above gives you the adjusted scores you need for each discipline. Click below to see the Foresters Scores 

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