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A single membership fee to cover Outdoor and Indoor shooting plus ArcheryGB fees is due on or before the anniversary of your joining date (April 1st for members who joined before 2016).

This is payable as a single lump sum by cash, cheque, bank transfer or direct debit. There is an option to spread the fees over 5 months (1st payment due on the date you join) by direct debit only (with the monthly sum rounded up to the nearest pound, so members may pay a little more overall).  Please Note: The spread payment option is NOT a credit agreement, it is a courtesy offered by the club to make payments more manageable. The club reserves the right to withdraw this courtesy at any time.


Family discounts are available to those joining members that live in the same household, to make joining as a family more affordable.

University Members register for ArcheryGB with their own clubs, have their own indoor ranges, and their academic year runs from September to June, so they will pay a single fee in September, with no option to spread the cost. This fee does NOT include indoor shooting at Brockington, but students are welcome to shoot with us upon payment of a visitors fee (currently £2.50 per session).

Fees for 2019/2020


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