WHAT IS THE L&R frostbite?



The L&R Frostbite postal league is open to all fully paid up Junior and Senior members of clubs affiliated ro LRCAA. It is an inter-club competition which is shot each month from October to March with the exception of December. (Scores from December and January are merged into 1 month.

The L&R Frostbite round consists of three dozen (36) arrows at a 80cm target face at 30m. This is a 10 zone scoring round therefore the maximum score achievable is 360. Arrows will be shot in 6 arrow ends. The inner 10 ring should be recorded as an X and is counted as 10 for all bow types.

Basic Rules




  • The round may be shot any number of times by an archer in the designated period and the best score entered. However, the round can only be shot ONCE per session.

  • 3 archers of any bow discipline will make up a team; the 3 best scorers in a month form the first team, the next 3 the second etc. Team members therefore may vary from month to month.


  • One end of 6 arrows may be shot as sighters.


  • For compound archers the inner 10 ring rule applies on the Portsmouth and FITA 18 faces.


  • For compound archers the ‘X’ count should be recorded when shooting the 5 Spot Worcester.


  • You must score each round on the L&R Frostbite Scoresheets only. These will be made available for both indoor and outdoor shooting.


scoresheet deadline dates 2021


The dates that the scoresheets need to be in by for each designated period are below. Please be aware that in order to get them sent off on that date they will need to be in at least the day before so they can be inputted into the spreadsheet.

  • October – in by 7th November


  • November – in by 5th December

  • Dec/Jan – in by 6th February


  • February – in by 6th March


  • March – in by 3rd April



You must get your scoresheets in at least one day prior to the deadline date.





Medals will be awarded to archers who have shot at least 3 out of the 5 months.

Team medals will be issued to 3 archers only. To be decided by the number of months archers have appeared in the team during the season, scores will be taken into account if required.

In the event of any dispute the Organiser is the sole decision maker.

Individual medals for the highest placed Juniors and Seniors will be presented at the L&RCAA Awards Evening in November.

There will also be medals for members of the top 3 placed Teams (Juniors & Seniors), dependent upon entries.





Final Results & Medals


Club Results

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